Dudja Dreaming Cultural Services...

is a specialised cultural service that offers cross-cultural learning and development through reconciliation, truth telling & immersive experiences.

Our Vision...

is to be a well-recognised Aboriginal brand that brings back pride to Aboriginal people.

It is the storyteller for Aboriginal history on Noongar country, teaching others the importance and power of Aboriginal culture.

Our Mission...

is to widen the understanding of Australian Aboriginal Culture;

• By working with organisations to offer the knowledge of Noongar people, giving context and education to those who wish to know.

• By providing visitors with Aboriginal culture emanating from Ancestral stories and connection to the spirit, land and waterways of the region.

Why Toodyay.

Toodyay is a small historic town nestled in the Avon region of Western Australia, approximately 80 km north-east of Perth.

For over 45,000 years Noongar tribes lived and moved across the Toodyay Valley.

In fact, the area is home to three Native Title groups belonging to the Ballardong, Yued and Wadjuk people.

Noongar heritage and history are very real and alive in the region, hence the work being done of late to recognise the ancient stories of the Noongar people and places of significance, including Red-bank pool, Pelham reserve, Duidgee Park and the Gulguljar (Avon River)