Kaya, Wanju Nidja Noongar Boodja

(Hello, Welcome to Noongar Country)

Dudja Dreaming Cultural Services

Cross cultural learning through training and immersive experiences

Introducing Robert Miles

Robert is a proud Noongar man from the Yued clan, with family ties to Ballardong and Yued within Noongar Country.

He is dedicated to contributing to building a better understanding with all communities about Aboriginal culture languages and heritage using the vehicle of tourism.

Robert is becoming a key connector in the Wheatbelt area in both his consultancy ad connectivity to people from all walks of life, building strong relationships with all stakeholders involved in the projects.

He understands the need to find what people have in common to work towards reconciliation and building stronger, resilient communities in particular in Toodjay where cultural and heritage tourism is a pillar of the shire’s strategic development.